Ph.Creative and Reckless Kid presents

Cinematic storytelling in Action - a BT Cyber Security Campaign 

Hosted by
nick and
Stefan Shaw
January 20th | 16:00 GMT | Show in my timezone

Attract The Best Talent!

The BT cyber campaign we created offers up a great example of how we can shine a light on the value of a creative story concept, one that imaginatively reflects the values and purpose of the work and creates a powerful top of the funnel magnet to attract the best relevant talent.

Reckless Kid Films recently filmed a COVID-Safe shoot for BT Cyber Security, so join us as Nick Moss, MD of Reckless Kid Films, and Stefan Shaw, Creative Director here at Ph.Creative, analyze the cybercrime story video and the experimental escape room elements, how they cross-pollinate, and how it forms the basis of a highly creative and interactive sustained Talent Attraction campaign for BT.

This exclusive webinar contains:

An explanation into how this campaign is providing an ongoing creative solution to BT’s Cyber Security challenge

The value of a campaign that centers around different assets to create maximum value

Insights on the value of film as a part of this campaign and what you can do to better your talent attraction efforts

The integration of story across different platforms of media from video through to escape rooms and digital gaming content


About Nick Moss

At Ph.Creative we’re mighty fortunate to have Nick and Reckless Kid Films under our wing, creating original narrative drama, commercial, and employer brand digital content. Nick wholeheartedly believes in the power of imaginative storytelling with exceptional production values, utilising innovative digital technology, and delivered through a variety of platforms.

And he’s equally at home in front of the camera as he is behind it. Nick’s been in dozens of films and tv programmes as an actor, and he’s been known to tread the boards in the theatre too. He brings all this learning and expertise to the brilliant employer brand and talent attraction films he makes for our clients.


About Stefan Shaw

Stefan is a creative powerhouse, brimming over with great ideas, always pushing the limits of what’s possible, and leading our clients into ever more creative waters. With over 20 years experience with the likes of Saatchi and Saatchi, BBH and the BBC, Stef is an award-winning digital native, and regularly sought out for his thoughts on the industry. And he’s also the nicest guy you could ever wish to meet.

Physical escape rooms, digital escape rooms, Reddit conundrums, Instagram Stories, Facebook carousels, explainer animations, films, podcasts - Stef is the source of a constant stream of engaging and thought provoking concepts, assets, and campaigns for our clients. With a firm focus on the power of creativity and the impact it can bring, he likes to challenge the audience and show that creative risks can pay-off.

January 20th
16:00 GMT
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