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February 16th
16:00 GMT

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After the turbulent year 2020, there have been massive changes to everyone’s lives and it has been tough at times. Nevertheless, we adapt and we grow! 

A lot of us are still working remotely, which some might say has been the biggest change of all. It begs the question, what does the way of working truly look like for employees and job seekers?

Join Ph.od presenter, ‘Google’ Dave, as he chats with Kat Drum, VP of Agency Partnerships at Paradox, on the future of work and how it could impact your candidate experience.

Here's what they'll cover:

How the candidate’s experience and journey has changed for the better 

Tips and techniques for digital transformation

What we can anticipate for worklife in 2021

How to get the most from your resources


About Dave Hazlehurst

Dave continuously strives to ensure he delivers remarkable talent attraction results for his impressive portfolio of clients through the use of integrated digital strategies and tactics and Ph.Creative’s own innovative philosophy and framework.

Recognised as a thought leader in recruitment marketing, “Google” Dave has delivered keynotes and workshops for senior level recruitment conferences, exhibitions and seminars across Europe and America.

Dave’s delivery style reaches the audience on a personal level to develop their awareness of employer brand and provoke a thirst for knowledge.



About Kat Drum

Kat Drum leads Paradox's agency partnerships and supports their enterprise clients. Kat is a well-known industry veteran who was Head of Employment Brand & Social at both Starbucks and Blackberry, and has extensive experience in employment branding and employee communications at Hodes, AON Hewitt, and Expedia.

Throughout her career, Kat has demonstrated leadership and a passion for the power of employment branding and transforming recruitment at leading enterprises and innovative technology companies.